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Start your engines and pilot a podracer !

Podracer VR is a solo developping prototype inspired by Star wars episode I Racer.

Choose your podracer, choose your track and compete with AI for the first place in virtual reality.

This game is still in development, for now it contains a two tracks and three podracers for testing.

It contains two play modes, the "realistic" which is the full motion of the podracer and the arcade mode to help people  with motion sickness.

The first version has been made in Unity and a remake to Unreal Engine 5 is in progress. A technical demo is already available.

It may have a lot of issues but any feedback on the game is really welcome and can help to orient the future development.

Discord: https://discord.gg/EGYChxvAdg

Tested on oculus and steamvr with a nvidia card RTX 2060 SUPER.

Inputs map (WIP):

- Oculus quest controller like

GripGrip handle/ hand animation
TriggerSelect/brakes (need the handle grabbed)
XReset VR view in track
Y (hold)
Left wrist menu in track
Joystick pressTeleportation (not in unreal version)

- HTC Vive controller

GripGrip handle/ hand animation
TriggerSelect/brakes (need the handle grabbed)
Right Trackpad downBoost
Right Trackpad upRepair
Left Trackpad downReset VR view in track
Left Trackpad up (hold)
Left wrist menu in track
Trackpads pressedTeleportation (not in unreal version)

Known issues:

  • AI stuck on wall
  • Weird collision feeling
  • Podracer may fligh too high after taking a bump
  • Can be stuck in environment (on the Unity version you have no way to unlock yourself, go back to main menu. On the Unreal Engine 5 one you can respawn with the wrist menu)
  • Framerate drops with SteamVR (especially using Oculus with steamvr)
  • And probably many more

Future developments:

  • New race track
  • New podracer
  • Damage engines when reaching the booster limit instead of cutting off the acceleration
  • Better sounds design
  • Improve cockpit visual
  • Improve podracer animation
  • Add and improve VFX
  • Multiplayer prototype
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Tags3D, Arcade, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Unity, Unreal Engine, Virtual Reality (VR)


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podracer-vr-win64-ue5.zip 900 MB
Version 0.1.1
podracer-vr-win64-unity.zip 4 GB
Version 0.3.0

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black screen on start. doesnt load


Can you provide more information?
Which version of the game (Unity or Unreal engine)?
What device do you use and on which tool (oculus, steamvr?)

Thank you.

I was using unreal on oculus. I downloaded the unity one and that worked.

I fixed the unreal version.

Thank you for your report!

such a good idea and implementation


amazing! Maybe think about providing a torrent link for it?

doing god's work

Now this is podracing!